The Challahman bakes Portland's tastiest, kosher challahs.  We bake once a week in limited batches for sale to online customers and select retail stores.  

Here's what people have been saying about The Challahman recently:

  • "The best challah I have ever tasted (aside from the one I bought in the Old City)"
  • "Delicious -- I will be ordering more in the future."
  •  "Great -- we used one loaf to make the best French toast I've ever had and devoured the other one as is."
  • "The best ever."
  • "Tastes like Israel."
Retail Outlets
Is your mouth watering yet? Challahman challah is available at select grocery stores in the Portland area:

Order Online
You can also order online by Wednesday morning and pick up the same Friday at one of four convenient locations (minimum online order is $25.00):
Live far from Portland?  We now ship our challah anywhere in the United States.  Order today!

Challahman challahs are certified kosher, baked under the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Truzman.